Father of Rakesh Rajdev
Late Partaprai Ji Rajdev

“A selfless medium to humanity”

A compassionate soul who rekindled the flame of altruism in the prevailing darkness of selfcentredness through his merciful public-spirited gestures.

Shri Prataprai Rajdev


We know that our fathers have had a great impact on us ever since we started to walk by holding hands. In a typical Indian societal system, being a father is like taking care of family needs, giving valuable lessons in life, passing on good qualities to the children so that in the future they will be known as better individuals, and making sure the family members feel protected at all cost. We have derived this pattern of fatherhood since we started evolving and came to the stage where we call modern humans homo sapiens. We let Father guide us through his actions, and we tend to follow the path shown to us by him. If we neglect the exceptions, it is likely that a child will always try to follow their father. A father is like a lighthouse which shows the desired way to a boat named “child” in the ocean of life. All of the Rajdev family’s social welfare efforts seek to find their roots in the land of Gujarat, in the value system bestowed upon Shri Rakesh Rajdev ji (Gujarati: શ્રી રાકેશ રાજદેવ, Hindi: श्री राकेश राजदेव) by the Late Partaprai Ji Rajdev.
Rakesh Rajdev wife father

Late Partaprai ji Rajdev
"A man with a golden heart"

A man who was known for his sympathy and an ability to connect with people was a good samaritan who moved people’s hearts with his charitable deeds. Donations, helping people in need, and showing kindness towards the underprivileged were some of his attributes. Whenever people used to visit him, he left no stone unturned to help people so that their tears would not go unnoticed.

If we go by the very famous quote of Kowtham Kumar K, which says, "Rather than being a human, be a humanitarian." Partaprai ji lived up to the expectations of one’s duty towards society and never failed to put a smile over the faces of people who really needed a ray of sunshine amidst the chaos of life.

He lived with a mission to uplift the masses who were unable to make their ends meet. Be it a generous nature which changed people’s lives or his affection towards people, which made him a person with a golden heart, Partaprai ji set an example to society as far as humanitarian acts are concerned.

blood donation camp organized by (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) rakesh rajdev

A contribution to societal impact

The blood donation camps organised by Kanuda Mitr Mandal seek inspiration from the late Partaprai Ji, who believed in magnanimity as a tool to help people. Justifying the meaning of the surname "Rajdev", which means God's sovereign as per the Indian faith, Partaprai ji was humble enough to accept the gratitude and contribute towards society, knowing that "service to mankind is service to God".

Before leaving the worldly abode in the year 1996, Partaprai Ji’s life resembled the banyan tree, where flocks of birds named "hope" and a congregation of people from all walks of life took shelter.

rakesh rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) rajkot

Influence on the son

Although the late Partaprai ji's presence has been missed for 26 years, his hard work and sheer vigour can be seen in the actions and various initiatives taken up by his kind-hearted son, Shri Rakesh Rajdev ji, and this has an impact on the lives of the masses.

Acquiring his father’s bequest with utmost competence, Rakesh Rajdev ji started the NGO called Kanuda Mitr Mandal in Rajkot, which was set up on the value system-based foundation of the Late Partaprai ji. This non-governmental organisation is literally changing the course of humanity amidst the challenges in the world we live in right now, where people are entwined in the web of greed and pay no heed to societal responsibilities. Carrying the legacy of his father, Rakesh Rajdev tries hard to serve people in every possible way.

I believe when a son tries to spread his wings, a father becomes an angel to help him out. The father-son relationship in the Rajdev family brought the fruits of nobility to people who were left behind and deprived due to the unpredictable nature of life.

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